Friday, July 9, 2010

Gotter Done

I finally, FINALLY finished this duvet cover/skirt/sham set that I've been sewing on since last October.  I love to put huge projects on my To Do list, and then stress out over how long it takes me to get it done.  I like to blame things like housework, cooking, errands, and my job for being obstacles that keep me from doing more important things like sewing and painting. ;)

You may ask, why not just go to the store and purchase a bedspread set?  Well, a few years ago when Jeff and I went mattress shopping, we thought, "Hey, if a queen size is good, an 'expanded queen' size would be even better!"  What we didn't know is that NOBODY makes bedspreads to fit this size mattress.  You can buy sheets from only one source that I know of, but not bedspreads.  So I bought a pattern and took measurements and went after it...NINE months ago.

You may also ask, what took so dang long?  Well, it's just slow work sewing something so huge that must be squared up so carefully, and that is so much, much bigger than my "sewing" kitchen table where it seems someone is always sitting, eating food. ;)

So "YAY!!"  I say as I cross it off the list!

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ladyturtle2 said...

You mean cross it off you Brooke Book to do list right?