Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Don't Throw Me In the Dumpster

It's been on my heart lately.  My dad and step-mom have hardly any of my artwork in their home.  The thing they have hanging on their wall is a piece I did back in high school.  It's an ink-wash painting of a crystal glass.  And Dad put me through art school (graphic design at BSU).  I owe him big and it's long overdue.  Even though I eventually changed careers, he did shell out some change to get me educated.

So I recently finished this painting.  It's my first still-life.  It's 8 x 10, oils, on gessobord. 

Um, I guess actually its my second still-life oil painting, which reminds me of a story...  The first one I did back in art school, and I stored it at my mom's house (because my dorm room was small, and my mom had extra closets in her house).  It was huge, and it was the most hideous painting to ever have existed.  It was done in yellow and black paint, and it was of some stuff which included one of those animal skulls that are found in the desert.  Not my choice of subject matter, but that's what the teacher set up. 

Well, one day, during one of my school breaks, Jeff (boyfriend at the time, hubby now) and I were driving down the highway near Greensburg, on the way to my mom's house.  Suddenly, I saw it!!  THERE IT WAS in somebody's yard!  Some guy with a bunch of junk in his yard had my painting propped up against his mailbox with a "for sale" sign on it.  I saw it and freaked out and told Jeff to pull over.  I (with the arrogance of a 19 year old artiste) marched up to his door, and demanded that the guy give me back my painting.  I also demanded to know where he got it.  He said, "I found it in the dumpster up the road.  You can have it back if you want it."  So I grabbed it and took off for my mom's.  When I got there, I told her the story about this art thief.  She sheepishly admitted that she had thrown it away in the dumpster, and that she assumed I wouldn't want it or remember it.  I told her I was insulted.  I stuck it back in her closet.  After I graduated and got my own apartment, I threw it in the dumpster.

So, here is still-life number 2:

Originally I was going to call this painting something profound like "Green Jug with Red Apple".  But I think I'm going to call it "Don't Throw Me in the Dumpster".   I don't think he would do that anyway.  Cause I put a really nice frame on it. ;)


brooke said...

I like the Dumpster name. Funny and Ironic. My favorite kind of thing. Plus I love the painting.

Melodie said...

Great story Connie. I remember that story and I'm pretty sure I remember where you saw your painting (hwy 3 near NDHS?). And I think the name is very fitting and profound.

JanettMarie said...

Wow! Connie! Great painting!
That pitcher is outstanding! Your brushwork!

I am "wowed" by your story, it made me laugh a few times, I could see you grabbing your painting and marching up to this poor guy's door... lol

This painting is good, do another!