Saturday, October 6, 2012

Early Autumn Trees in Morning Light

In two weeks I will be in Brookville, participating in an outdoor painting event.  The Brookville Library is hosting it.  It goes on for 3 days, ending on Sunday 10/21 with a public sale of the artwork in the Library.  The artists get red carpet treatment which includes a few patron-sponsored complimentary meals.  I have never done this sort of thing before, so I am starting to prepare myself.  One artist I know told me that it can be “stressful.”  I need to figure out ways to minimize the stress. 

This morning I took my Art Box and Panel and did a “refresher” practice run on my back patio again.  It helped me to figure out some things:

--I REALLY don’t like to be cold.
--Fuzzy gloves don’t work very well.  Fuzz kept finding it’s way into the most inconvenient places.
--Gamblin Galkyd Gel makes for great texture, especially when applied with a knife.
--Working with a limited palette somehow simplifies and speeds up the color mixing process.
--Paint gets stiffer when it’s cold outside.  So do I.
--Two hours is about the limit for an outdoor painting or else the shadows move too much and the colors change too much to continue.  Quick work is necessary.
--Creating a portable plexiglass shelter with a built in space heater is not an option, so says my husband.

Here is my little painting for this morning.  I actually did a painting in 2 ½ hours.  For me that’s fast, and it turned out pretty good. :)  I’m encouraged.
Early Autumn Trees in Morning Light   7"x5"  Oil on Gessobord

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JanettMarie said...

Great painting! The texture is brilliant as is the color!