Saturday, January 12, 2013

Child Painting - #5 of 30

My friend Janettmarie teaches at Wine and Canvas here in Indianapolis.  She also teaches Cookies and Canvas, which is the same thing, only it's for kids.  All the kids get a full painting set up (easel, canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, apron) plus a bag of cookies.  The instructor leads them step by step through the making of a masterpiece.

Janett graciously allowed Alyssa and I to observe.  Everyone had fun.  I snapped some pics.  When we came home, I painted from one of my photos.  This little girl was very focused.  It was just her connecting with her work.  She was not hung up on exact replication of the instructors example.  She was enjoying the colors dancing with each other on the canvas.  She was putting paint down in a beautiful, abstract way, and she was at peace with it.   She was using her "artistic license", which Janettmarie told the children was totally okay.

Adults use the wine to help them relax with their painting and not worry about perfection.  Kids don't need that, as everything they put down is pure, unique, expressive perfection. 
"Child Painting"   5" x 5"   Watercolor and ink
I, like a typical adult, fussed over this one, trying to make it precise.  I'm trying to fuss less.  Guess I need some wine.


Dave Casey said...

Beautiful. 'nuff said.

JanettMarie said...

Ah, Connie, this is so nice. I know exactly which artist this is. : ) You even have the same shape she had down.
Love the intense focus she has. These painters are so precious.

Thank you for the nice review! : )

JanettMarie said...

PS: only 10 more paintings to go!

. said...

Nice painting. I like the way that the girls back goes outside of the rest of the picture! It kind of makes it more interresting that way. Plus that you have the complementary colour yellow there to.