Monday, January 7, 2013

The Good Life - painting 2 of 30

Inspired by the book "Artist's Journal Workshop" by Cathy Johnson, I purchased a Strathmore Mixed Media sketchbook.  My intention is to start sketching and journaling.  Then I jumped on this 30 paintings in 30 days bandwagon.  I usually set so many goals at the same time that I drive myself crazy.

Friday, after a full day of errands and chores, I sat down in desperate attempt to get a painting done before bedtime.  I set up this little still life at the kitchen table.  I used a watercolor set that I had purchased years ago and never touched, and my new sketchbook. 

When you complete a painting every day but only spend a few hours on it,  you learn how to work more efficiently and not overwork the piece.  That's the point of this kind of painting practice.  In the process, you will crank out some turkeys.  But sometimes you nail it.  I think I nailed it this time.  I think it's worth a frame.
The Good Life      9" x 7"      Watercolor
About the sock monkey:

I helped take care of a little guy in the NICU.  He was there for a long time and went through some tough stuff.  His parents, and we nurses who took care of him, would entertain him with his little Ty sock monkey.  We watched this baby and his family go through a long hell ride and many painful surgeries.  Having a baby in the NICU is stress beyond belief.  About every other day, these parents were pelted with terrible news.  Many marriages start to crumble under such stress, but this remarkable couple held each other close and supported each other during those 7 long months.  Eventually the bad news thinned out.  Every day, these parents poured happy, smiling love onto their baby boy, and worked with him as advised by the physical therapist.  Over time, this little guy triumphed.  He has hit milestones unlike any doctor would have predicted.  And he became a happy, smiling, sociable boy, despite everything.  When he was discharged, his parents gave us nurses each a sock monkey like the one he had, along with a sweet thank you note.  I always intended to paint this little monkey, because I treasure it.

His new best friend is the family dog.  His life is good.

I posted this image on facebook, and immediately his mom sent me a message saying it made her cry. 
She wants it. 
She deserves it.

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JanettMarie said...

Wow Connie, you did nail this one! Perfect!

The story, wow, you are the best! One day at a time, like that little guy in NICU.