Saturday, July 6, 2013

Behind the Ravine Garden

The grounds of the IMA offer beautiful views throughout their gardens and sculptures.  I’ve been scouting around there, finding inspiration for paintings.  The IMA, welcomes artists to paint on the grounds from dawn till dusk.
"Behind the Ravine Garden"  8"x10"  Oil on Raymar Panel

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I started here, just south of the Lilly House.  The bridge is on the straight path from the Lilly House to the Formal Garden.  I located myself in the valley behind the bridge.  The late afternoon sun was in front of me but blocked by the huge trees towering over me.  The ground in the distance was lit up brightly.  Through the bridge I had the back view of this gleaming bronze sculpture/fountain:


This is “Nymph and Fawn,” created in 1917 by this popular sculptor, Isidore Konti (1862-1938). 
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The graceful nymph holds a vessel that trickles water into a cascading stream that moves down through the Ravine Garden.  My tentative plan is to paint a picture of the other side of the bridge and include her front view.

I want to express gratitude for lovely places like these that are available to be enjoyed by the public.  Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. John J. Weldon who donated “Nymph and Fawn” to the IMA in 1977, and to John and Peggy Rapp, who donated money for the 1998 restoration of the Ravine Garden.  Above all, I am grateful to our sweet Father, who creates and orchestrates the efforts of people past and present, to make little tastes of Heaven here on earth.