Sunday, August 18, 2013

Top of the Ravine Garden

In my last post, I showed the backside of the bridge where the Ravine Garden starts at the IMA.  This painting is of the front side of that bridge.  You can much better see the beautiful "Nymph and Fawn" statue.  The trickle from her water vessel not only intrigues the fawn, but it starts the sequential little waterfalls that fill the fish ponds in the descending Ravine Garden.

"Top of the Ravine Garden"   10" x 8"   Oil on Raymar Panel

I painted this in a series of visits.  Whenever I lugged my painting gear out to this spot, I would get a rush of happiness the minute I could hear the waterfalls and see this statue in her perfect setting.  I would say that it was done 90% plein air and 10% in the studio...because I loved being out there.  Many nice people stopped to talk to me.  A couple of ladies asked me for private lessons.  One photographer took pictures of me painting.  

One woman, who is also a painter, came up to talk to me while I was struggling with a certain area of the painting.  I told her of the particular area I was fighting with, and she simply said, "Yeah, paint general-to-specific," then she moved on.  Ah yes!  I had known that principle, but she reminded me of it at the perfect time, as I was drowning in the details!  Everything flowed well after that.  Sometimes people give you just the right words at just the right time.  Thanks lady, wherever you are.

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JanettMarie said...

Oh, this is a nice painting.
Oil painting, I should try that.
And plein air.
Thanks for the inspiration!