Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Workshop with Carol Marine

One artist whose blog I follow closely is Carol Marine.  You may recall my mention of her in one of my previous posts.  I'm a big fan.

My friend Janettmarie and I drove up to Fish Creek in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin for a 5-day (10/14-10/18) painting workshop with Carol Marine at the Peninsula School of Art.  We had a great time, and I learned a LOT!  Carol is an excellent teacher, a fabulous artist, and a sweetheart.  Here she is, modeling a necklace created by workshop attendee Deb A. Kirkeeide.

I would like to share these many photos to describe my wonderful week (Thanks Miriam Hill, for letting me use so many of your shots). 

Here are some pics of the area...

Carol's day always started with a demo, followed by lectures and painting time.

We eager students took photos and notes as she went along.
During one of her morning demos, my coffee made me too antsy to merely watch, so I kept my hands busy while she kept hers busy.  Sometimes I just have an overwhelming need to sketch.  But I swear I was listening! :)

 Her demo with the little red shoes was my favorite, so here is her work in progress...
The actual shoes.

Lovely little painting!
Here are some apples that she painted on another day...

She had us try various exercises, each designed to train our minds and our eyes in a specific way, to help us build skills that we can apply in our artwork.  Here are just a few:

Here we got to practice our "hurry up" skills and paint a solitary object in about 10 minutes, but we did it several times and repositioned the object (in my case, an apple) to add variation.  I could not believe how fast 10 minutes could fly by.   I think I had a little outburst each time Carol's timer went off, just like a contestant on a game show.  :)  I loved it though!

On another day, we discussed values and the effective distribution of the amounts of those values for more controlled impact.  Squinting while viewing the subject matter can help you get past all those distracting colors and see where your lights and darks are.   Carol still made us do these under the timer!  It's all about efficiency.  

One very interesting exercise she had us do was to mix a different color for every brush stroke.  We were to apply the stroke only once.  No noodling and blending.  Remixing each time.  What a different approach for me, but I enjoyed the effect.   This exercise also challenged me to be mindful of my values.  I surprised myself at how fast I painted a matter of a couple hours I think.  And we were not under the timer for this one.  Maybe I could do "a painting a day"...

We had recess as well...meaning, we got to just paint whatever we set up.  Carol walked around and gave pointers.  I don't know why I kept painting apples.  I don't even like to eat apples very much.

Here is my little painting, which had to get finished at home because, well, it was time to go to dinner with Carol and the other fun and crazy ladies!

We ate out at a different wonderful restaurant every night, and the feasting usually always included wine.  Good times!!

Here are some of the ladies I had the pleasure of meeting:



Here is our group shot on the last day.  Tired and inspired!  Thanks Carol!!


Miriam Hill said...

Excellent summary Connie, thanks so much!

Carol Marine said...

We all look so cute! : )

JanettMarie said...

Great post Connie.
Okay, a painting a day, one stroke at a time!!

Alecia Schmitz said...

Enjoyed your post Connie. And what impressive drawing skill (your sketch of Carol)!

Deborah Kirkeeide said...

Loved going down memory lane with your photos! What a great workshop this was & making new art friends!