Friday, April 18, 2014

Chicky Pow-wow - SOLD

I had the privilege of hosting The Traveling Chicken here in Indiana for a portrait sitting.  While Ms. Chicken was visiting, she and Señor Gallo (her travel buddy) spent time collaborating with some other notables.  I wonder what all the discussion was about?  Maybe they were expounding on the role of the chicken in an Easter tradition...

"Chicky Pow-wow"     10" x 8"       Oil on Panel

...or just maybe, they were joyfully sharing the real Good News.

Happy Easter!


JanettMarie said...

Nice Connie! So fun!
Looks like everyone is interested in what Foghorn Leghorn has to say in this "powwow"!
Happy Easter!!

jill polsby said...

as one of the "original" miss chicken painters....your painting is fabulous! I get so excited when I receive an update on her travels. Nancie created something wonderfully fun when she created this whole project. Thanks for participating. Wish the starting bid on the painting were less as I'd love to own it. Thanks for joining in on the fun,