Sunday, January 4, 2015

Have you seen my-...Heeey!!

Last evening was my daughter's last one at home for her college Christmas break.  She hung out with me in my studio and watched me "demo" and pretend teach with this painting, her as my student.  She gave me teaching tips (her major at BSU) and, when asked, her opinion on the painting itself.  Toward the end of the painting, I gave her the brush and had her dash in some accents and improvements.  She seemed amazed, honored, and thrilled that I would allow her to do that.  Her fun barometer went way up when she got to drive the brush.  She is in love with the painting now for more than one reason, so I said she could have it.  We came up with a name for it.  It was a nice conclusion to our time together.  She drove back to school today.  I miss her already.

"Have You Seen My--...HEEEY!!"    6" x 6"   Oil on Arches Paper