Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thanks for the coats, and more!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Betsy, Beth, Kathy, Kathy, Kathy, Joyce, Linda, Alisa, Katie, Erika, and Missy for purchasing my little fundraiser Christmas cards (and to all who offered but I had run out)!  Because of your support, I was able to purchase 3 winter coats for Operation Warm.  Here is their thank you video:

But that's not all!  I had some money left for another non-profit that is dear to my heart, called Every Dog Counts Rescue.  They are a local, all volunteer group who rescue dogs from high-kill shelters.  Many of these dogs are not considered adoptable...seniors, dogs with heartworm, dogs who have been hit by cars or shot, dogs with medical problems like seizures or diabetes, tiny babies who require bottle-feeding, and dogs with "handicaps."  They get these poor animals the veterinary care that they need, and endeavor to find them a forever home.  Hence the name "every dog counts."  I follow them on facebook, and it gives me great joy to see the work that they do.  
I sent them some Pill Pockets (again, thanks to you), to help them give those dogs the medication they need.  Dogs need nurses too. ;)

A note to my coworkers: You will see our alumni NICU nurse Nikki appear in this video at 2:50.  It's a video by EDCR about "General Jimmy," a dog that just could not be saved but received good care and an outpouring of love from the community in his hospice days.  I'm warning you though, it's a tear-jerker and a little graphic.  I cry every time.

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