Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thanks for the coats, and more!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Betsy, Beth, Kathy, Kathy, Kathy, Joyce, Linda, Alisa, Katie, Erika, and Missy for purchasing my little fundraiser Christmas cards (and to all who offered but I had run out)!  Because of your support, I was able to purchase 3 winter coats for Operation Warm.  Here is their thank you video:

But that's not all!  I had some money left for another non-profit that is dear to my heart, called Every Dog Counts Rescue.  They are a local, all volunteer group who rescue dogs from high-kill shelters.  Many of these dogs are not considered adoptable...seniors, dogs with heartworm, dogs who have been hit by cars or shot, dogs with medical problems like seizures or diabetes, tiny babies who require bottle-feeding, and dogs with "handicaps."  They get these poor animals the veterinary care that they need, and endeavor to find them a forever home.  Hence the name "every dog counts."  I follow them on facebook, and it gives me great joy to see the work that they do.  
I sent them some Pill Pockets (again, thanks to you), to help them give those dogs the medication they need.  Dogs need nurses too. ;)

A note to my coworkers: You will see our alumni NICU nurse Nikki appear in this video at 2:50.  It's a video by EDCR about "General Jimmy," a dog that just could not be saved but received good care and an outpouring of love from the community in his hospice days.  I'm warning you though, it's a tear-jerker and a little graphic.  I cry every time.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Poinsettia Study is ready to go

​Poinsettias, especially red ones, are jolly and joyous.
They sing along with spirited church choirs.
They laugh along with the Ghost of Christmas Present.
They glow along with decorated Christmas trees.
They are unmistakably Christmas, classic and beautiful.

"Poinsettia Study"       7" x 9"      Oil on panel
If you follow my blog, you are familiar with this image.  It's the painting featured on my Christmas cards that I am selling this year for charity.

I posted about this painting while the paint was still wet back in January, when I was trying to participate in a 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.

Well, the painting is now dry, mounted, varnished and accented by a lovely gold frame.  It's been hanging in my home just waiting for December to come, and now it's looking for it's forever home.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Cards for Coats - SOLD OUT

Vertical Folded Christmas Cards - 5"x7"

They're here!  These Christmas cards feature my painting "Poinsettia Study" and are available in packs of 10 cards for $20.  I will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Operation Warm, an organization with this stated mission:

  • Operation Warm addresses an immediate and critical need for warm coats;
  • Our coats are leveraged to go beyond warmth and strengthen relationships between our partners and their communities by facilitating positive outcomes that aid in the breakdown of dependence on long-term assistance.
  • Through our work, Operation Warm advocates for awareness of the impact of poverty on families and communities, and demonstrates how even one person can make a positive difference in the life of a child.
I have been pondering and praying about how to use my art (at least in some small way) to make the world a better place, and I hope this project does exactly that.  We are headed for a rough winter.  I hate HATE being cold and I can't stand the thought of a child not having a warm coat.   

And yet... Operation Warm does more than just pass out coats.  They, through community-based partnerships, help empower parents with education, skills training, etc. to help them pull themselves out of poverty.  I think that's as important as the coats.  I hope you click on the above link and learn more about what they do. 
The inside of this card says:

You can purchase directly from me if you see me in person (I can take cash, check or credit card), OR you can order online (with credit/debit/PayPal) and pay $5.25 for shipping.  Available while supplies last - SOLD OUT.
If you already have your Christmas cards ready to send this year, don't worry, you can still buy these and save 'em for next year. ;)

Thanks for helping me help others this Christmas.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Cards Experiment

Vertical Folded Holiday Cards - 5"x7"

I'm going to try something new.  I have ordered a small batch of Christmas cards that I designed using one of my paintings.  They should arrive by Dec. 6.  If these turn out to be attractive and of good quality, I may package them up and sell them at markup, to raise funds for both my art business and a charity of my choice (hmmm...trying to decide which one...).  If this proves to be a success, I will go bigger next year.

The inside of this card says:

May God's Blessings
Be Yours
This Christmas!
 (In a holiday-type font)

Anyone interested?


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Fashion

This unimposing barn rests in a half-harvested cornfield. 
His friend is adorned in her fabulous fall fashion.
Golden morning sunshine greets them from the east, and my paintbrush captures them from the south.
"Fall Fashion"       10.5" x 9"      Oil on panel

Click here to purchase.

I hope you all found time this October to admire some fabulous fall fashion.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tuscany Day Watch


My friend and fellow nurse Kathy Bradshaw recently traveled to Italy with her camera, her excellent eye for composition, and her knack for capturing that perfect moment.  As I looked at her photos, I saw one that really required me to paint it. 

I asked Kathy about the image and this is what she said:

“The photo was taken in San Gimignano, pronounced "San Jim-ih-nyah'-no", a small, medieval hilltop town in the Tuscany region. It is known for its 14 preserved medieval towers.  Walking through its streets is truly like walking back in time! If I remember correctly, the kitty cat and his wall were just outside the gate into the town.” 

I think there is a rule out there that says it’s not cool to paint from other people’s photos, but she gave me permission… plus I’m not a rule follower and I’m not that cool.

"Tuscany Day Watch"     11" x 15"     Oil on canvas

I painted it on a raw linen canvas that I stretched myself, in a gallery wrap style over 1 ½ inch-deep stretcher bars.  I primed it with clear gesso so the raw linen color would serve as a foundation color for the painting.  It looks perfect on the wall without a frame.

Kathy came up with the perfect name for the painting… Tuscany Day Watch.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Sunny Lane at Stonycreek Farm" and a Very Mean Duck

Stonycreek Farm in Noblesville is rich in scenic views.  I found myself there during the recent Hamilton County Artist Association "Gathering of Plein Air Painters" event.  I took two mornings on this one, and I'm pleased with it.  My other one is currently in a burn pile, awaiting cremation.
"Sunny Lane at Stonycreek Farm"    11" x 14"    Oil on Panel 

When I was a kid, my dad brought me here during Halloween time to go through the Haunted Barn, to enjoy the petting zoo and gift shop, and to ride out to the pumpkin patch on a tractor-pulled, haystacked wagon to pick out my pumpkin.   I also brought my kids out for the same fun about 16 years ago.

The rolling acreage of the pumpkin patch has since been replaced with residential neighborhoods.  But the core area of Stonycreek Farm is still thriving with it's landscaping business and it's family friendly petting zoo, school fields trips, holiday events, and more.

An innocent bystander

Don't share this with your kids but...while attempting to paint a sunset scene over at the petting zoo (the painting that's on the burn pile), I saw the dark side of petting zoo animal behavior.  A bully duck pinned down a hen by sitting on her and pushing her head into the ground.  He then proceeded to rip feathers out of her back.  She kept struggling to get away, but couldn't.  A rooster came along and was either squawking at the duck in anger, or cheering him on, I could not tell.  Anyway, after the the duck became bored with his own violent behavior, he climbed off the hen and I saw that the poor hen was plucked bare on her entire back.  I think she's the victim around there all the time.  What's wrong with ducks these days?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Savor Thyme Cafe is showing my work!

I am very pleased to announce that a couple of my paintings for sale are hanging on the walls of Savor Thyme Café in Brownsburg.  Thank you so much to Sheron and Glenn Bowman for supporting the arts by welcoming my work into their charming restaurant.

Please stop in at Savor Thyme for lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch and enjoy their fantastic cuisine.  

See their facebook page  or their website for location and hours (or to sign up for their cooking classes!).  While you are enjoying their delicious fare, pick up a card next to the artwork that you would like to see hanging in your own home.  Each card has purchase information for that painting.  You can even scan the QR code to directly link to my online store and purchase it with your phone with PayPal or credit card.  I will then retrieve the artwork within a few days, and get it to you.  Any shipping charges incurred through an online purchase will be promptly credited back if I am able to deliver the work to you myself.

And be sure to thank Sheron or Glenn for their kind support of local artists!  If they get a good response from the public, they just might ask me for more of my work! ;)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Portrait of Cathy

My sister-in-law posed quickly for my camera on New Year's Eve.  Cathy is a sweetheart of a lady and is an aspiring artist also.  Here is a link to her new blog (click here).  She and I love to talk about painting.  Here is a photo of her that I ripped off of her blog:

Cathy is very thoughtful, very nurturing, and she is a hard worker.  She does not let people forget that she loves them.  She is beautiful besides, so it was my privilege to paint her.  It is also worth mentioning that I am a big fan of her shoulder rubs.  Are you reading this Cathy? ;)

"Cathy"    9" x 13"   Oil on Senso panel
  Maybe I should name this "Pay Back for Shoulder Rubs".

Friday, April 18, 2014

Chicky Pow-wow - SOLD

I had the privilege of hosting The Traveling Chicken here in Indiana for a portrait sitting.  While Ms. Chicken was visiting, she and Señor Gallo (her travel buddy) spent time collaborating with some other notables.  I wonder what all the discussion was about?  Maybe they were expounding on the role of the chicken in an Easter tradition...

"Chicky Pow-wow"     10" x 8"       Oil on Panel

...or just maybe, they were joyfully sharing the real Good News.

Happy Easter!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Poinsettia Study

In a very wishy-washy commitment to participate in Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days Challenge, I am doing some experimentation on various surfaces. 

This one is done on Arches Oil Paper.  I liked feeling like I could paint faster and looser and not worry about failing and potentially wasting a board or canvas.  This paper is oil primed and ready to take oil paint (ordinary paper will deteriorate from oil paint).  Now, when the paint dries, I can choose to mount this onto board or gatorbord, and it will be ready to hang.  I really liked painting on this paper.  The surface had a soft, mildly textured surface like a watercolor or printmaking paper, and that feels very familiar to me (I used to draw in colored pencil all the time).

I really enjoyed slathering on the oil paint in the background with a palette buttering a piece of bread.

This makes my 3rd painting of the challenge.  It's Day 12 of the challenge.  So far, not so good.  Oh well.  It should be called "30 paintings in 30 weeks."  :)     

Friday, January 10, 2014

Conspire by the Fire - animated gif

I should be painting, but I just finished this animated gif file and wanted to share.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Conspire by the Fire - SOLD

Reflecting on a Christmas gone by, these old gents are aglow with hope for peace on Earth and a good year ahead.
"Conspire by the Fire" - SOLD   6" x 8"    Oil on linen panel