Saturday, May 22, 2010

This sketch has been pre-apologized for.

Last night in camaraderie hilarium,
And maybe Bellini delirium,
I mentioned my cartoonish playful rendition
Of cute little Lily in silly expression.

Her mother looked at me with eyes all aglow
Her interest was piqued and she asked me to show
My sketch of her daughter and now I am stuck.
Embarrassed, I'm blogging this muckity muck.

I just took a class and I did try my best,
So please hear these words and heed my request.
Caricature is just a comical farce
So please say you like it and don't kick my arse.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Binding Bee

I just discovered an artist named Megan Winn at the Broad Ripple Art Fair this past weekend. She has a business called The Binding Bee.  She makes handmade blank books, and transforms old classic books into blank books.  These are beautiful little creations just begging to be someone's journal or sketchbook. She sells her stuff on, as well as at local art venues.  She's also super nice, which made me even more happy to support her in her artistic endeavors by making a purchase from her.  Here are pics of my little treasure which will ship to me soon. 
It's so darn cute, its almost a shame to sketch or write in it!  Afraid I won't do it justice! :)