Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Solstice at the IMA

Last evening my daughter and I decided to attend the Winter Solstice event to see what it's like.

First we stopped to enjoy the ice carvers.

We went into the gift shop and heard Christmas music emanating from the greenhouse, and discovered this violinist and flautist there, along with a small but appreciative audience.

After warming up, we braved the cold again and got some hot chocolate (with a hint of hazelnut flavor...mmmmm!) and brownies. There were some winter animals available for petting: A reindeer, an owl, and a bunny. The reindeer was so loved that I could not get a good camera shot.

After warming up at the fire pit, we followed the luminary path over to the Lilly House.

Inside we watched a harpist make beautiful music. We were not allowed to use flash photography inside the house, so these images are a bit blurry.

After our Lilly House tour, we took a few more shots outside before leaving for home.

Blurry shot because we didn't want to use flash.

What a nice mother/daughter date!

Friday, October 1, 2010

NICU Girls Night Out

Finally got around to putting together this slide show.  A great time was had by all!  Let's do it again soon!

Photos courtesy of Wine and Canvas (TM), Erika, Cheryl, and myself.  Music "Girls Night Out" all rights belong to The Judds.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fun Date with Wine and Canvas

Last night, my husband Jeff and I had fun painting together!  We tried out a new artsy event put on by the traveling business called "Wine and Canvas."  This one was held at Don Pablos near Keystone at the Crossing. 
We were taken step-by-step through the completion of an acrylic landscape painting by artist Erik Swenson. 

Our group was smaller than they usually have.  But that was rather nice because we had more individual help from the instructor.
I was very careful not to dip my brush in my margarita, or to drink my paint water.
You can check out if you are interested in signing up for an event.

Here is the final result of everyone's efforts.
At the end of the evening, Jeff said, "This was fun!"  I agree!  I recommend it to all couples out there who are willing to give it a try.

The kids and I voted for which one turned out best, and Jeff's painting won unanimously!!  So I look forward to hanging it up on the wall!  

Friday, July 9, 2010

Gotter Done

I finally, FINALLY finished this duvet cover/skirt/sham set that I've been sewing on since last October.  I love to put huge projects on my To Do list, and then stress out over how long it takes me to get it done.  I like to blame things like housework, cooking, errands, and my job for being obstacles that keep me from doing more important things like sewing and painting. ;)

You may ask, why not just go to the store and purchase a bedspread set?  Well, a few years ago when Jeff and I went mattress shopping, we thought, "Hey, if a queen size is good, an 'expanded queen' size would be even better!"  What we didn't know is that NOBODY makes bedspreads to fit this size mattress.  You can buy sheets from only one source that I know of, but not bedspreads.  So I bought a pattern and took measurements and went after it...NINE months ago.

You may also ask, what took so dang long?  Well, it's just slow work sewing something so huge that must be squared up so carefully, and that is so much, much bigger than my "sewing" kitchen table where it seems someone is always sitting, eating food. ;)

So "YAY!!"  I say as I cross it off the list!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Birthweek Number 22 times 2

June 24 was my very happy birthday, but my celebration activities were sprinkled over the course of a week. Actually, I think that it takes a full week to properly celebrate your birthday. It should be renamed "Happy Birthweek." I believe it's important to do nice things for yourself, in addition to enjoying what others do for you on your birthday. I can have a fun birthday, even if I'm by myself. Which I mostly was, on June 24.

Here is my series of fortunate events:
Jake took me to Bob Evans for breakfast, and I had these tasty blueberry crepes.

I spent the afternoon finishing a painting that I haven't touched since last October.  It was wonderful getting back to my easel, playing in paint.  Love that smell of linseed oil in my art room again.  I also loved that I got it finished.  I had originally thought I'd like to sell it on Ebay, but Alyssa insists that I not.  It's of a picture of a cat we used to have.  Here is a photo of it finished...
 After that, it was suppertime, so I took my supper of fried chicken and mac n cheese and strawberries out to my patio and listened to the sound of my fountain and my windchimes while I ate.

Then it was time to run to see my kids do their sporting events.  Here is Jake playing ultimate frisbee...

That guy's cleats are coming too close to my son's face.  But I keep my mouth shut.
Then I went to watch Alyssa play softball...

That night, I got my birthday brownie.
Here I am going through the birthday motions...

On Friday, my hubby gave me what I had on my birthday wish list...TINTED WINDOWS for my car!!!!  Yay!!  Now my car is an even sweeter ride!

 On Saturday, June 26, my friend and fellow nurse Erika brought a cake to work to surprise me for my belated birthday.  This cake was awesome!  It was made by her and her daughter Brianna.  It said "We (heart) Connie" on top.  As you can see, it was very, very tall.  It was reduced to a pile of rubble by the end of the day, but it will go down in the NICU history book as the most amazing cake to ever grace that nurses' station (I think).  Thanks Erika!  I loved it!!!

And if that hasn't been enough, we all decided to go to Bravo's on Sunday after work to "celebrate my birthday" which was just really a reason to get together for a good time!

Someone grab a hose and put out the fire on my face!

I don't have a pic of everyone that was there, so if any of my nurse friends could send me more, I can show who all was there...

While at Bravo's, I asked Becky to draw a caricature of me.  This is her masterpiece.  I love it!  It shows how happy I was! :)

Well, I don't have pics to show that I also went shopping with my daughter and my mom, and that I met up with my dad and stepmom for brunch, but those great visits were also part of my birthweek.

Thanks everyone!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our New Driveway

We just got a new driveway poured!!!  May sound dull to some, but to us, it's a big deal!!  We have been waiting a long time to get this accomplished, and we are very excited at how much it has improved our property.  My dad used to be a general contractor in my hometown, and my uncle had a concrete company.  I grew up seeing big construction projects come together.  So it's been fun for me seeing my fixer-upper house evolve over the years at the hands of my talented do-it-yourselfer husband.  (However, the driveway was poured by Tate Concrete)  Here is a little slideshow...

Next year, hopefully, we can landscape around it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This sketch has been pre-apologized for.

Last night in camaraderie hilarium,
And maybe Bellini delirium,
I mentioned my cartoonish playful rendition
Of cute little Lily in silly expression.

Her mother looked at me with eyes all aglow
Her interest was piqued and she asked me to show
My sketch of her daughter and now I am stuck.
Embarrassed, I'm blogging this muckity muck.

I just took a class and I did try my best,
So please hear these words and heed my request.
Caricature is just a comical farce
So please say you like it and don't kick my arse.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Binding Bee

I just discovered an artist named Megan Winn at the Broad Ripple Art Fair this past weekend. She has a business called The Binding Bee.  She makes handmade blank books, and transforms old classic books into blank books.  These are beautiful little creations just begging to be someone's journal or sketchbook. She sells her stuff on, as well as at local art venues.  She's also super nice, which made me even more happy to support her in her artistic endeavors by making a purchase from her.  Here are pics of my little treasure which will ship to me soon. 
It's so darn cute, its almost a shame to sketch or write in it!  Afraid I won't do it justice! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My nephew and godson, Noah, played Cogsworth in his school play, "Disney's Beauty and the Beast Jr."  We saw his performance last week at South Decatur Elementary.  He did a great job!!!  He is seen here having a conversation with Lumiere.

We had a backstage pass and got to hobnob with the top Nob.  Here you can see him out of his boxy clock costume.  No, that's not a real mustache.  ;)   He still has clock hands drawn on his face.  But you can still see what a good looking guy he is.  I got his autograph on my playbill.  And NO, I'm not going to sell it, so don't even ask me! 
Afterward, we went to his house and hung out with him and family to celebrate Noah's 12th birthday.  Now, I need to explain that Noah has chickens and so we try to bombard him with chicken-themed gifts.  One was a T-shirt that says, "I don't have a short attention span, I just...Oh look a chicken!!"  He laughed out loud at that one, so I guess he liked it.  Noah's mom said that it was a very appropriate shirt!  I wonder what she means?

Okay, so here is a pic of the other gift, which allows me to unabashedly show off my latest little artwork (which is the underlying theme of my blog anyway).  It's a chicken bank, which originally was blank white and intended to be decorated, so I couldn't resist doing that for Noah.  Here are the pics.  I'm not sure which he liked more, the bank or the cold, hard cash that was lovingly placed in it.

Thanks to Noah, Alli, Trent, Lori, Mitch, and Joan for a fun afternoon.  And thanks for the farm eggs!!  That will always keep us coming back for more!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Amazing Guy

I was working on this drawing last night.  I've been reading Tom Richmond's tutorials on caricature, and trying to apply his technique.  Tom is an amazingly talented illustrator for MAD Magazine.  If you like looking at funny caricatures, you should check out his blog.  He cracks me up!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Art of Storytelling

I once took a class at the IAC called "The Art of Storytelling".  We had to make a series of two or more images that told a story without words.  My little series is meant to be viewed at full size, in the order shown, so please click on each one to view it.  Tell me if it makes sense to you.  I am curious to see if the viewers' interpretation is similar to the one I intended to communicate.  Warning:  It's so powerful and deep, you might pass out.   ;)   Just kidding.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Christ is Risen! 
I missed church today, because it was my weekend to work.  But Christ was with us in the NICU today, as He is every day.
Here's hoping you all had a wonderful Easter holiday!
This is a sketch I did of a detail from Guercino's painting Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery, c. 1621.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guess which NICU nurse this is!

A couple Fridays ago, some of my coworkers and I decided to go out to dinner at Bravo's to cheer ourselves up after a sad day in the NICU.  We had a a great time!  Well, Bravo's is kind enough to cover their tablecloths with a huge sheet of drawing paper (and they supply crayons, too) so customers can pass the time while waiting for their food.  I decided to borrow a sharpie from one of our nurses, and attempted to draw a caricature of one of the girls in our crowd.  Consider me a rookie at caricature, because I only recently took a caricature workshop at the IAC.  This is my first attempt to draw one from life, and without the benefit of a pencil and eraser.  So, it's a bit raw.  The original drawing had a botched attempt at a sexy body, so I re-drew the body after I got it home, in the style of my caricature instructor Katherine Hilden (so yes, I did cheat a little).  She taught us that no matter how ugly your drawing is, all will be forgiven if you just add long eyelashes and big boobs (to the girls, that is).  So to any men reading this, NO, nurses do not dress this way for work.  We were all in our scrubs that night. :)

So...can anyone guess who this is?  Five points to everyone who gets it right!

Thanks to my daughter Alyssa, who helped me clean this up in Photoshop.  She's a pro with that stuff.