Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NICU pinewood derby car 2011

I had the privilege of creating this year's derby car for NICU. The theme this year is "The Hero Within". I posted a plea for ideas on facebook about who our "hero" should be. Good ideas were sent my way, and I settled on this one, submitted by Tami, NNP. She wrote, "Can you make it look like a preemie infant--because their strength in their tiny bodies to overcome so much makes them my heroes :-)." I thought that was pretty sweet, so I decided to honor "NICU babies" as our heroes.

Well, my husband and I went to work on it. Jeff did the wood design and made the little carseats (he's amazingly creative with woodworking). My daughter Alyssa helped me with photoshop for the banners (she's my 'puter techy). I assembled, painted and decorated it. After much shopping and a ridiculous amount of time spent, we ended up with this (click on the photos for a closer look).
Can you see who is driving? One of my favorite nurses, and Kenny Loggins. Well, Kenny is driving, and I'm sure she's distracting him. ;)
Yes, AAP would be proud...the kids are rear-facing.

Um, yep, those are 5 point harnesses.
Did we go overboard? Maybe. But I like it. It was fun.