Wednesday, July 20, 2011

La Preuve par 4

I saw this video not that long ago, and I am embarrassed to admit how many times I've watched it. I love seeing examples of talent, genius creativity, and determined practice. When combined it can make an unforgettable work of perfect art. It's so beautiful that moves me almost to tears when I see it it painting, dance, or music. I even choked up the first time I saw the video of Riverdance performed in Dublin, way back when it first debuted. And of course, it happens to me a lot in church.

La Preuve par 4 is a dance group from France. This video from the 2010 Juste Debout, an international street dancing competition in Paris. The camera is obviously on somebody's shoulder so it's shakey, but its the best one I've found on YouTube. The music is a remix by SoFly that is not available in iTunes, sadly.

The dancers are:

Marion Motin (from quality street and swagger crew)

Julie Moreau (from swagger crew)

Nicolas Medea (from R.A.F crew)

Marvin Gofin (from R.A.F crew)