Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Naked Elf

This is my new naked elf…

I like him because he is chubby, happy, and unique.  He’s naked and he’s blushing a little. But darn it, he probably couldn’t put his legs together if he wanted to.  He’s unpretentious sitting there in his birthday suit.  I think if he could talk, he’d make me laugh.
You may be a bit worried about me for buying a naked elf sculpture.  Well, I must admit it was a bit of therapy.  Somehow, he gives me permission to be the imperfect person that I am. 

How he and I hooked up:

I was googling the internet, looking for information on how to paint a polymer clay sculpture, and I stumbled upon this hugely helpful website called Doll Makers Dream. It is authored by Amanda DeVirgilio.   She’s an award winning Australian polymer clay artist  (she is a doll herself, and I love her accent). 

The website is filled with helpful information and tutorial videos that are free (paid for by advertisers) to aspiring sculptors like me!  I was watching her video “How to blush/paint polymer clay dolls” when I fell in love with the elf she was painting.  I contacted her and asked her to make one for me, and she did!  She is as sweet as can be, and funny, and wants to make sure that her customers get what they want.  We shared some funny emails back and forth as to whether he should have a “doinky-doink.” (her words…hilarious!!!)

She also creates dolls of beautiful women, fairies, and other characters.

Here are a few more pics of my elf, in case you haven’t gotten your fill of him.

I must admit, we were carefully selective about which shelf in my curio cabinet he should sit on. Looking up at him on a glass shelf was a bit much for all of us, so we sat him on a shelf that is lower than eye level.  He contrasts nicely against my Precious Moments figurines.  ;)

My husband asked me why I didn’t just sculpt one for myself.  I said that, first of all, it’s Amanda’s design and I believe in supporting other artists and their innovations.  Secondly, there are no doinky-doink tutorials out there!