Friday, May 23, 2014

Portrait of Cathy

My sister-in-law posed quickly for my camera on New Year's Eve.  Cathy is a sweetheart of a lady and is an aspiring artist also.  Here is a link to her new blog (click here).  She and I love to talk about painting.  Here is a photo of her that I ripped off of her blog:

Cathy is very thoughtful, very nurturing, and she is a hard worker.  She does not let people forget that she loves them.  She is beautiful besides, so it was my privilege to paint her.  It is also worth mentioning that I am a big fan of her shoulder rubs.  Are you reading this Cathy? ;)

"Cathy"    9" x 13"   Oil on Senso panel
  Maybe I should name this "Pay Back for Shoulder Rubs".