Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Sunny Lane at Stonycreek Farm" and a Very Mean Duck

Stonycreek Farm in Noblesville is rich in scenic views.  I found myself there during the recent Hamilton County Artist Association "Gathering of Plein Air Painters" event.  I took two mornings on this one, and I'm pleased with it.  My other one is currently in a burn pile, awaiting cremation.
"Sunny Lane at Stonycreek Farm"    11" x 14"    Oil on Panel 

When I was a kid, my dad brought me here during Halloween time to go through the Haunted Barn, to enjoy the petting zoo and gift shop, and to ride out to the pumpkin patch on a tractor-pulled, haystacked wagon to pick out my pumpkin.   I also brought my kids out for the same fun about 16 years ago.

The rolling acreage of the pumpkin patch has since been replaced with residential neighborhoods.  But the core area of Stonycreek Farm is still thriving with it's landscaping business and it's family friendly petting zoo, school fields trips, holiday events, and more.

An innocent bystander

Don't share this with your kids but...while attempting to paint a sunset scene over at the petting zoo (the painting that's on the burn pile), I saw the dark side of petting zoo animal behavior.  A bully duck pinned down a hen by sitting on her and pushing her head into the ground.  He then proceeded to rip feathers out of her back.  She kept struggling to get away, but couldn't.  A rooster came along and was either squawking at the duck in anger, or cheering him on, I could not tell.  Anyway, after the the duck became bored with his own violent behavior, he climbed off the hen and I saw that the poor hen was plucked bare on her entire back.  I think she's the victim around there all the time.  What's wrong with ducks these days?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Savor Thyme Cafe is showing my work!

I am very pleased to announce that a couple of my paintings for sale are hanging on the walls of Savor Thyme CafĂ© in Brownsburg.  Thank you so much to Sheron and Glenn Bowman for supporting the arts by welcoming my work into their charming restaurant.

Please stop in at Savor Thyme for lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch and enjoy their fantastic cuisine.  

See their facebook page  or their website for location and hours (or to sign up for their cooking classes!).  While you are enjoying their delicious fare, pick up a card next to the artwork that you would like to see hanging in your own home.  Each card has purchase information for that painting.  You can even scan the QR code to directly link to my online store and purchase it with your phone with PayPal or credit card.  I will then retrieve the artwork within a few days, and get it to you.  Any shipping charges incurred through an online purchase will be promptly credited back if I am able to deliver the work to you myself.

And be sure to thank Sheron or Glenn for their kind support of local artists!  If they get a good response from the public, they just might ask me for more of my work! ;)