Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tuscany Day Watch


My friend and fellow nurse Kathy Bradshaw recently traveled to Italy with her camera, her excellent eye for composition, and her knack for capturing that perfect moment.  As I looked at her photos, I saw one that really required me to paint it. 

I asked Kathy about the image and this is what she said:

“The photo was taken in San Gimignano, pronounced "San Jim-ih-nyah'-no", a small, medieval hilltop town in the Tuscany region. It is known for its 14 preserved medieval towers.  Walking through its streets is truly like walking back in time! If I remember correctly, the kitty cat and his wall were just outside the gate into the town.” 

I think there is a rule out there that says it’s not cool to paint from other people’s photos, but she gave me permission… plus I’m not a rule follower and I’m not that cool.

"Tuscany Day Watch"     11" x 15"     Oil on canvas

I painted it on a raw linen canvas that I stretched myself, in a gallery wrap style over 1 ½ inch-deep stretcher bars.  I primed it with clear gesso so the raw linen color would serve as a foundation color for the painting.  It looks perfect on the wall without a frame.

Kathy came up with the perfect name for the painting… Tuscany Day Watch.