Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Jeff's Sketchbook Easel (for me)

I'm a fan of the work and writings of artist/author James Gurney.  I also had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife Jeanette at the Portrait Society of America 2016 convention in Reston, VA.  I've been admiring the sketchbook easels that Gurney has created and recreated.  At one of his presentations at the convention, I took some close-up photos of Jeanette Gurney's easel and showed the photos to Jeff.  Borrowing from Gurney's and his blog followers' ideas and suggestions, and incorporating a few adaptations that I had requested, Jeff has come up with very nice easel for me to use for sketchbook work "In the Wild" as Gurney would say.

I love working with Jeff in designing these sorts of things (in this case, a re-design of Gurney's design).  He's a very creative craftsman and problem-solver.  I throw some pretty challenging problems his way, and somehow he gets it figured out.  Thanks Sweetie!