Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sharla's Girls

My friend and coworker Sharla asked me to draw a portrait of her kids (cats), Ming and Bella.   It took me awhile to get to it.  Sadly, in the meanwhile, Ming succumbed to an illness on June 20, 2011.  Sharla provided me with a photo of them when they were still kittens, back in 1998.

I asked Sharla to tell me about them.  These are her words…  

I got them while I lived in Colorado.  Ming and Bella were littermates.  I wanted a Russian Blue which is what Bella is (a knock off) and most people thought Ming was a blue point Siamese.  Ming was very sweet, affectionate, and active.  I called her my little gymnast.  We used to play with a feather on a stick and she would jump up very high in the air and do flips!  Her eyes were so blue it was amazing to me.  She used to come in the room when I did Yoga and do her own little routine, rolling around everywhere.  She was such a precious little soul.

Bella has always been the less active of the two, preferring to lay in the sunbeams and watch the great outdoors. She is very much a lap cat and has been much more affectionate since Ming died.  Bella loves to be brushed.

I also used to love it when they would lay together, all curled up close.  I used to say they looked like one big cat with two heads.

Ming used to meet me at the door when I would come home, kinda like a dog would do and roll over on her back so I could scratch her tummy.  Bella has now taken to doing this (interesting, huh?)

Charcoal and pastel on Colourfix paper, 9”x11”

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brooke said...

Amazing subject matter and stunning work as always love you and miss you.